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Can we do investigations discreetly? We do not want our prospect/s to know that we are checking on them through CCSI?

Generally, investigations are open but upon your request, discreet checkings are possible.

However, the amount of data may be limited compared to our regular checking procedure due to strict nature of the Philippine data privacy laws.

What information would we need to provide for you to do investigations?

a. Complete name and Address
b. Phone Number
c. Authorization (bank checkings/school verification/employment check)
d. Scope of work needed/ Type of reports needed

What is your coverage area? How fast do you do your work?

Our coverage area is nationwide – from Luzon to Mindanao. Depending on your needs and amount of data needed, our turn around time ranges between 4 hours to 5 working days.

How much are your rates and do you have payment terms?

Since rates and requirements vary, we suggest for you to contact our office (02 2395462 / so that our representatives can confirm your requirements. We customize most of our reports according to our client’s needs in order to offer them the best value for their money.

Do you guarantee your work?

Yes, against inaccurate/incomplete reporting.

What about confidentiality? Are we assured of data security and secrecy? How?

Your data will be password secured and encrypted in our website. Adequate firewalls and other security measures are provided – for more detailed information, please contact us and we will be happy to set up a demo for you.

Who are your main clients and why do they use you? What is your edge over your competitors?

We have been doing CI work for banks for many years. Our main clients are banks, financial institutions, call centers and other industries that require background checks on their personnel.

Do you have branches?

Yes, we have opened several branches all over the Philippines in order to facilitate our client’s needs.

Are you affiliated with any other group or gov. agency?

Our company is strictly a private endeavor and we have no government affiliations. You are assured that your information will be kept in strict confidence because no other groups or organizations will have access to it.

Do you require a certain volume in order to do services with us?

No, we can transact business on a per case basis. However, we do offer very good rates for volume users.

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